CA Final Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation for May and Nov 19

Direct Taxes and International Taxation

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About Course

Basic Details

Faculty- CA. Arvind Tuli
Lecture Mode- Topic Wise Studio Recorded Lectures with Visual Aids
Transmission Mode- Android App/USB
Validity- 1 year
Coverage - 100 marks 
Total no. of hours- 130 Hours (Approx)
Book- Hard copy of Books.
Learning Toolkit Consists –             

(a) For Mobile App Students – Modules + Mobile Stand and Portable Mouse for convenience of use.
(b) For USB Students- Modules + USB containing the Lectures


The IQ Edge – Why We are different ? 

  1. Notes based study rather than video based study:

We have made the notes (the content) the main area of focus and have a team of chartered accountants who help the faculty make researched content. Content is:

*Short and concise yet covering all necessary Bare Act quotations.
*Covering all relevant Case Study as given by ICAI.
*Maximum Past year’s questions.
*Page wise revision
*Notes divided into topics and sub topics to make reading very clear and unambiguous, and modular.

  1. Topic Wise Videos:

Videos have been recorded topic and sub topic wise with the following in mind:

*Modularity of learning.
*Retention time of a human being.
*Ability to absorb a difficult concept.
*Ease of Revision

  1. Visualising the example

A good teacher is one who helps us “see” what he is speaking. However sometimes a student’s understanding maybe not what the teacher was trying to convey.
We have used technology and animation to help students see exactly what we want them to. For example where we talk about TDS and forms being filed we will be showing you the form and how to fill it and how the filing is done.
We have also added charts wherever necessary to capture the concepts in a single page or chart to help quick retention .


Technical Requirements and Viewing Restrictions : 

  1. For Mobile App Mode :
    4G Internet or Wi-Fi with a decent speed will be required for Android App Mode.
  2. For Pendrive Mode :
    Internet at the time of first time login.
    *4GB RAM or higher, i3 processor or higher and Windows 7 or higher.
  3. Read it carefully-
    You will be given 1.5 times of the total duration of lectures as viewing time. i.e. for a 100 hour course you will get 150 hours of total viewing time.
    *There is no viewing limit on particular lecture.
    *You can watch the lectures on only one Android Phone/Computer (PC or Laptop)

Important FAQs

Is the entire course taught with animations?
The content is a mix of both animations and pen-tablet teaching. Animations have been used to complement the teaching and and help a student visualize the situations and the examples.
Is the course relevant for the Old Course students?
Yes , this course is relevant for OLD COURSE as well as NEW COURSE Students both. There will be some extra topics for new course students only. Old Course Students can also study them for their knowledge.
Is the course relevant for the New Course students?
Yes , this course is relevant for OLD COURSE as well as NEW COURSE Students both. There will be some extra topics for new course students only. Old Course Students can also study them for their knowledge.
Is the course available in Pen Drive?
Yes. Pendrive for the same is available. If that is your prefered mode, purchase using the USB mode.  
Is the course relevant for the Nov 2019 students?
It is relevant for Nov 19 students as well. Amendments (though not much expected, if any) will be provided to them free of cost later on. 
How will i get the amendments, if any?
Amendments (if any) will be provided to you free of cost, along with the notes (digital/soft copy) in our Mobile Application.
Will the videos work on iPads, iPhones?
Apologies, to the apple users. We only have android app in place as of now. We are working on the iPhone App.
How many times the videos can be watched?
There is no restriction on the no. of views per video. However, the total viewing time is restricted to 1.5 times of the course duration.
How & when will i get the books and the pendrive?
*You will get the hard copy of the book and pendrive at your place of residence. So make sure that while registering you are providing correct address with the correct PIN CODE.
*Books and Pendrive will be dispatched on the next working day when you will book the order on our website.
*You will receive the book within 7 working days. Working days exclude Saturdays & Sundays.
*In case the address is incomplete or incorrect, you will have to bear the courier charges.
How to ask doubts?
We will provide Whatsapp support for doubts for better understanding.
You have to Whatsapp your doubts to Arvind Tuli Sir in the dedicated whatsapp group. (you will be added to the group after subscribing the course)
When will the video course expire?
This video course will expire after 12 months of purchase date or 1.5 times of viewing time whichever is earlier.

Cancellation/Refund Policy :

  1. Please note that course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.
  2. The amount paid will not be refunded.
  3. The course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.
  4. The Course is not transferrable.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT.For technical assistance call us (9915005021) or mail us (
  6. FEES ONCE PAID IS NON-REFUNDABLE.Prices are subject to change without prior notice.



1.1 What is Law ?
2 videos 1 notes
1.2 What are the sources of law ?
3 videos 1 notes
1.3 Case Study and their Relevance
1 videos 1 notes
2.1 Basis of Charge
4 videos 1 notes
2.2 Who pays Tax ?
8 videos 1 notes
2.3 Previous Year and Assessment Year
1 videos 1 notes
2.4 What is Income Tax Paid On ?
3 videos 1 notes
2.5 Law as it stands on first day of relevant assessment year
2 videos 1 notes
3.1 Rates of Tax and Residential Status
5 videos 1 notes
4.1 Receipt and its Assessability
1 videos 1 notes
4.2 Determining whether Receipt is Indian and Foreign
2 videos 1 notes
4.3 Rules for Accrual
3 videos 1 notes
4.4 Deemed Accrual u/s 9
15 videos 1 notes
4.5 Past Year Questions
2 videos 1 notes
5.1 Understanding the Asset
12 videos 1 notes
5.2 Computation of Income under House Property
4 videos 1 notes
5.3 Deductions u/s 24
4 videos 1 notes
5.4 Computation of Income for Different types of House
11 videos 1 notes
5.5 Section 25 A and Section 10
1 videos 1 notes
5.6 Test your Concepts
1 videos 1 notes
0 videos 1 notes
7.1 Basic Provisions of TDS
13 videos 1 notes
7.2 Detailed Provisions of sections and Case Studies
32 videos 1 notes
7.3 Procedure of TDS
6 videos 1 notes
7.4 TCS
5 videos 1 notes
7.5 Test your Concepts
0 videos 1 notes
8.1 Receipts under the head B&P: Sec 28
4 videos 0 notes
8.1.1 Sec 28(i): Profits and Gains of any Business or Profession
5 videos 0 notes
8.1.2 Sec 28(ii) : Receipts under the head B&P
1 videos 0 notes
8.1.3 Sec 28(iii) read with Sec 44A - Concept of Mutuality
7 videos 0 notes
8.1.4 Sec 28(iv),(v),(va),(vi),(via) & (vii)
6 videos 0 notes
8.1.5 Concept of Application and Diversion
4 videos 0 notes
8.1.6 Other Concepts
12 videos 0 notes
8.1.7 Speculative Income
4 videos 0 notes
8.2.1 Some Principles to be kept in mind for Deductions
3 videos 0 notes
8.2.2 Deductions Category 1 : Sec 30 and Sec 31
6 videos 0 notes
8.2.3 Deductions Category 1 : Sec 32 - Depriciation
31 videos 0 notes
8.2.4 Deductions Category 1 : Sec 43A & 43AA
4 videos 0 notes
8.2.5 Deductions Category 2 : Sec 37(1) -General Expenditure
13 videos 0 notes
8.2.6 Restrictions Category 3 : Sec 40(a)(i), Sec 40(a)(ia) & Equilisation Levy
9 videos 0 notes
8.2.7 Restrictions Category 3 : Part 2
8 videos 0 notes
8.2.8 Restrictions Category 3 : Part 3
14 videos 0 notes
8.2.9 Restrictions Category 3 : Sec 40(A)(2) - Payments to Relatives
2 videos 0 notes
8.2.10 Deductions Category 4 : Donations and Research Expenditure
8 videos 0 notes
8.2.11 Deductions Category 5 : Preliminary Expenditures
5 videos 0 notes
8.2.12 Deductions Category 6 : Bad Debts & Sec 41
10 videos 0 notes
8.2.13 Deductions Category 7 : Certain Capital Exp Allowable
6 videos 0 notes
8.2.14 Deductions Category 8 : Miscellaneous Sections
3 videos 0 notes
8.2.15 Category 9 : Presumptive Income
10 videos 0 notes
8.3 - Past Years' Questions
3 videos 0 notes
8A1 : ICDS I - Accounting Policies
1 videos 0 notes
8A2 : ICDS II - Valuation of Inventories
1 videos 0 notes
8A3 : ICDS III - Construction Contracts
1 videos 0 notes
8A5,6,7,8 : ICDS V, VI, VII & VIII
1 videos 0 notes
8A9, 10: ICDS IX & X]
1 videos 0 notes